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This service blocks harmful visits that you see on your website. This issue is also known as unwanted referral attacks.

Referrer Spam
Configuration Spam

How it works?
Our system checks all visitors to your site according to several algorithms we use to detect the visitor’s status and block all harmful visits

Enabling or disabling all traffic inspection systems

Block Referee Spam By Domain
This feature enables you to prevent harmful and paid visits to your site by domain name. You can add a list of your domains to block the visitor coming from these sites.

Block Referer Spam By Ip Address
This feature allows you to prevent harmful and paid visits to your site by IP address. You can add your own IP list to block the next visitor or use this IP.

Protection Level
 It is the degree of examination of the IP addresses and the use of global databases to detect them. You can choose the degree of protection to use the strength of the IP inspection

Block Proxy And Vpn
Block all visitors using proxy and VPNs
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