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ADSense Guard helps webmasters to clean malware from their websites automatically, as well as to protect their websites from online threats XSS attacks, and SQL injections. It also mitigates DoS attacks and protects their sites from suspicious activity.

Designed as a SaaS (software as a service) offering, ADSense Guard provides a number of website security tools built into a single web interface, including website antivirus, a website firewall, a built-in file manager editor, malicious code highlighting, and more. ADSense Guard both provides automatic tools as-is,

To get through it
By uploading a file to your site so that we can scan all files

Download the file via the attached link

Now you should sync your website to ADSense Guard anti-malware network. To sync your website, please download your unique Sync File by clicking "Download Sync File" button then upload your Sync File to your website's root folder.

To upload your Sync File to your website's root folder you can use FTP client (FileZilla, for example) or your server's panel built-in file manager.

Download Sync File

After uploading the file to your site you can scan
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