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If you’re trying to fly a blog or website into the upper stratospheres of financial success, you’ll know that producing content is not an easy task. While content is the rocket fuel that will make you the big bucks, you’ll spend hours of your own time slamming away at a keyboard to produce the content required to drive a top earning site. If you could write perfectly edited content at 60 words per minute, you’d be able to crank out a 3,000 word longform article in under an hour. But doing this every day might be exhausting, and a little unrealistic. Paying someone to do it can quickly eat into profit margins, especially in fledgling blogs that aren’t making huge incomes. To produce massive amounts of content for less time and money that you could do it yourself or pay someone to do it, you might look into bolstering your words per minute with a rewrite tool known as an article spinner. An article spinner will alter text copied from another website, changing words or structures, depending on how sophisticated the tool is. You should easily be able to google and locate a free article spinner which can act as a sentence rewriter, or even a full article rewriter.

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