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Refer Friends
The Referral system is an innovative system to become our partner and win by inviting new members to the site
Where you will get a percentage of the person’s invoices that are paid through you, and this percentage is half of the amount paid.
The percentage of the earned amount is calculated by the number of members invited by you and divided into grades that are promoted according to the number of invited members (you will get your own link to invite your friends through)

Referral Position
Friend (10%)
When you invite 1-10 members you will get 10% of all payments

Business (20%)
When you invite more than 10 members you will get 20% of all payments

Partner (50%)
 When you invite over 30 members you will get 50% of all payments

When you upgrade your Position, the Position will remain higher forever, with the old profits increasing to the ratio of the new rank

You can withdraw profits when you complete 10 $ or more

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